StrojMachine are searching for their expression in strong hypnotic rhythms, upgrading them with spectacular shows, light-effect and pyrotechnics.

In their eleven years of activity they performed several great industrial performances, in home country (Slovenia) and abroad, they found their way into theatre and film and they attained almost everything, possible for a group of such an individual expression to attain.
The most important new instrument that they have evolved is »the Organ«. This Organ is a mechanical construction that is being supported by pressure. Another important instrument that has been evolved is »the Harp«. This Harp is constructed from the Nissan 1.6 machine and is an electric string instrument. If we ask them what direction they want to move on to, they answer: »The direction is not important, the direction is all around us.«

STROJMACHINE: Jurij Šuhel, Miha Markošek, Anže Kristan, Jure Najdič, Miha Klančnik, Davorin Štorgelj, Andraž Žibret, Bojan Varga, Aldo Ivančič.